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When it comes to luxury cars, only a handful of brand names come to mind: BMW, Mercedes Benz, and the like. And truly, no other brands have come close—yet. That’s because Kia is gradually easing itself into the game.

Kia in itself is known as an affordable, stylish upstart, which has worked its way up from selling rather cheap cars to its newer, feature-laden vehicles—all of which have been constant surprises in terms of design. One wouldn’t normally associate Kia’s brand identity with luxury, but since it decided to establish a new brand identity, it has proved successful. To date, Kia’s U.S. sales have more than doubled since 2008, which further verifies its slow but sure ascent to being a sophisticated frontrunner. As part of its effort, Kia has unveiled its all-new full-sized 2015 K900 luxury sedan—a car which seems a far-cry from its manufacturer’s former pedigree, yet still competitive enough to be a genuine looker.