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The K900 is no slouch when it comes to looks, as its design can easily rival a Jaguar or an Audi. For one, sleek-looking VFS-1 22-inch rims (inspired by the 5-mesh forged wheel design) adorn the K900’s wheels. VFS-1s are often seen on vehicles like Porsche 911s or BMW M4s, otherwise known as “sports car royalty”.

The K900 sports Kia’s signature grill and minimalist-cut lines on the doors, and a high rear deck (reminiscent of the Optima and the Cadenza, albeit much cooler-looking than the previous two), add to Kia’s competitiveness in producing legitimate alternatives to high-end and expensive models. Writing for Driving magazine, contributor John LeBlanc described the 2015 K900’s exterior styling as an “aggressive1” one typical of Kia’s patented design.